Friday, July 24, 2009

I love fun summer outings

Last night a big group of my coworkers (Katie, Andy, Olita, Christina, Frances, Maru, Scott, and significant others) and I went to happy hour and then an outdoor movie at the Redhook Brewery for Katie's going-away celebration. They were playing National Lampoon's Vacation and I must admit, I had never seen the movie and while it was a little corny, I did enjoy it. It's such a fun experience because you get good beer, good BBQ, it's nice and warm and overall, people just seem happy to be there.

They have a pretty good line up of movies this year including Tropic Thunder, SuperBad, The Big Lebowski, Jaws and on ladies night they will be showing Sex & the City. Unfortunately, I'll miss ladies night because I'll be in Hawaii... but I can't complain because, well, I'll be in Hawaii.

Last year, I went to Ace Ventura with Stephanie and Holden and it was quite fun! I'm always up for a fun summer outing!

The outdoor theater

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