Monday, July 27, 2009


Overall, fantastic weekend! I was able to spend time with so many different groups of friends and enjoy the crazy, nice weather we've been having. The order of events went a little like this:
  • Pre-poker Starbucks and chatting at the lake with Steph.
  • Poker night at the 304 with pretty much the usual crew: Steph, Holden (who recently googled himself in vain and came across PetesSpeaks... unbeknownst to him, I've posted on the world wide web about him more than once, but good thing I deleted that one post before he found it!), Phil, Jaison, JJ, James, Justin and me. I lost, JJ won. We hit up Teddy's for some ping pong and pool after the game. Classic poker night.

  • Wedding dress shopping with Christina and Olita on Saturday. Christina is going to be a beautiful bride!

  • Viking-themed Beer Pong Tournament for Nick's 26th! (Ironically, my 2nd beer pong birthday bash of the summer.) It was fun to see all of the guys we hung out with in college... but I'm disappointed at the lack of Kelly Clarkson tunes. It was a great tradition. Ben didn't even get the chance to punch a hole in the wall while going crazy to "Since U Been Gone"


  • More beer at the Ballard Bar & Grill where Maddie, James and I discovered the best game ever: Big Buck Hunter.

  • BBQ and lakeside fun on Mercer Island at Ryan and Tyson's place. A lot of sitting in tubes, eating BBQ, drinking beers and even tubing!! And if you know me well enough, you know I love me some tubing! Now my legs (but only the front) are burnt to a crisp, almost as red as this.

Sarah and me

Tronics and me

  • Ultimate Frisbee at Greenlake with Maddie, Holden (2 mentions in 1 post - aren't you excited?!), James, JJ and Kenny. It was awesome, but extremely hot.

Is it bad that I'm already gearing up for this Friday when it's only Monday?!

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