Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Finally, Chelanigans 2k10


Last year was great, this year was greater. To prove this, I present you with the trip in pics:

Hours upon hours of floating and it never got old.

The jello shots were plentiful and flavorful. (Matt thinks they are finger-lickin' good.)

The company was grand. We were even blessed by Lizzie's presence all the way from Redding, CA. Holla back, Redding.

It took courage to jump.

Finally, I made the leap.

And froze my derriere.

We laughed. (Did I mention I love laughing photos?)

RyRy, James, Autumn and Maddie CLIFF JUMPED.

There were polaroids galore. (Hopefully will post once I scan)

And there were also hats galore.

And campfires to top it off. A luxury we never experienced in Chelan before since there were alway burning bans. Do you know what campfires mean? S'MORES! Yum.

Until next year...

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