Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Those ducks were SO dodged.

It was a whole lot of jibs, tacks, starboards and ahoys on Lake Union last night.

For the one, the only: Duck Dodge.

Rather than bore you with the (incredibly rad) details, I'll share a couple snapshots of my first (and hopefully not last) experience sailing.

The chile verde, which won us 8th place!

Autumn ready to spinnaker... or something like that.

Captain RyRy sails best with beer in hand.

Ducking under the boom, which flies across the boat when tacking. I'm surprised the sport isn't known for more head injuries.

Joe and Autumn holding down the port side.

Caught in a gust of wind!

The infamous duck to be dodged.
(Also the starting point.)

Pretty Seattle.

Sneakily snapped a shot of smiling Joester, soaking up the sun.

Lake Union, I'll be back. You can count on that.

Thanks Autumn and RyRy for having us out!


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  2. How fun and looks like you are finally getting some decent weather up there!


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