Friday, July 16, 2010


A rambling TGIF for your reading pleasure.

I wore sunscreen today in anticipation of going outside for an afternoon coffee and/or lunch. But for some odd reason, the sun is hiding from us. Dear Sun, come out, come out wherever you are!

On that note, our office is having weekly challenges – this week: Eat your lunch outside at least one day. (Hence the sunscreen.) And every time you meet a challenge, you get your name put into a hat and at the end of the summer they’ll pull a name for a prize! I love prizes. Even more, I love being told to eat outside. Done and done.

I’m going on a Happy Hour Fun Run tonight with a fellow PI blogger who is a running coach by profession and is offering this free, fun opportunity. Run 3-4 miles, talk about running and then drink a beer at Hales. Lovely.

Tomorrow my cousin Amanda is getting hitched, so we’re making the trek out to Tonasket, WA (Population: 947) for some country fun! (Joe is very excited to meet my HUGE extended family…) I’m planning on wearing this gorgeous long, strapless, white dress. What? Is there something wrong with that? (ok, I’ll really be wearing this puppy again. But Carol, I'll be wearing it to yours - you don't mind right?)

Yet another fab Martha recipe – Pasta with Prosciutto and Peas.

I finally made it to Sambar last night to celebrate a good review at work. Well, more or less, we just wanted a reason to get fun cocktails. The “celebration” continued on to the Copper Gate in Ballard, which is supposedly Seattle’s oldest Scandinavian bar – but now rather modernized. Tasty cucumber martini!

And if all of this has in fact not been pleasurable as I promised above, I suggest you read this. And if you've already read that, then read this. Already read them both? Then I suggest you go outside and enjoy the weather. What are you doing inside reading my blog anyway? :)

Happy Friday!

P.S. This is the happy couple gettin' hitched! Doesn't my cousin look like a young Meryl Streep?! But prettier, duh.

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