Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pretty things

For Meredith's bridal shower last weekend, I got two gifts and had a difficult time deciding on which one to give. I opted for an ice cream cookbook and a four of these latte bowls, which was a perfect gift because I learned they are big ice cream people. But a close second was this beautiful apron (top apron, but I had a hard time choosing between all of these).

When soliciting advice about the gift options from my fella, he asked, "do you think she already has an apron?" That's when I had to share a secret about women: Yes, aprons are practical and keep your clothes clean, but we can have multiple aprons, well, because they are pretty. The overall takeaway is that women like pretty things. Like when I got this bowl and he was surprised at how excited I was over such a simple purchase. He gets it now, kind of. It's a learning process and I appreciate his effort in trying to understand :)

(Sidenote: The apron currently is sitting in the bag with the receipt still. It would be an absolute shame if I didn't get it back to Anthro within 90 days to return. Absolute shame.)

all aprons via anthropologie


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  2. Is this Meredith from high school's engagement? If so, wow, I had no idea she was engaged. Thanks for the news! :)

  3. Actually, scratch that comment. I just realized after I posted that I confused Meredith for Merith. Oops! :X

  4. Indeed, it was a PERFECT gift! Plus I'm now the proud owner of the dress (apron) in the second photo, thanks to Kathryn. As always, it was so wonderful to see you, Erika! I think you should keep the dress (apron) for yourself.


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