Monday, July 12, 2010

Hup Holland

For the World Cup finals - Netherlands vs. Spain - Tom (my neighbor/Joe's friend) decided to take over the grassy knoll across the street and set-up shop. (If he could, I think he would have painted the hill orange. Seriously. There were orange drinks, orange food, orange clothes, orange streamers... His parents are from the Netherlands, so that explains the love for the team.)

It was quite the production which required them to run an extension cord across the street, as well as setting up big, giant speakers. Makes me want to repurpose the set-up for an outdoor movie, anyone?

Now I'm embarrassed (well, not that embarrassed) to admit that I didn't quite catch the World Cup fever, but it was still a fun game to watch. Mostly due to the setting - there were friends, neighbors and stangers all yelling "Hup Holland" (which I learned means "Go Holland"). There was even a family of four who were walking down the street and found a spot on the grass to watch an entire half. Not to mention the countless cars that drove by and asked for a score update. Oh, good times on the grassy knoll.

Check out the sea of orange!

Perfect tiered seating.

Cosby even showed Holland pride with an orange mohawk and vest made of streamers.

The World Cup experience wouldn't be complete without the vuvuzela.

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