Thursday, January 5, 2012


(Quite the handsome World War II pilot, if I do say so myself!)

Unfortunately, the holiday season didn't come without some sadness. My Boppa passed away in his sleep on Christmas morning. A slight damper on the holiday merriment, but we took the time to look through so many old family photos, so that definitely brought smiles to our faces.

Boppa is my mom's stepfather, but has been in my life since day one, so he was nothing short of grandpa in my mind. He was one month shy of 95, so we can be happy that he lived a full life. About 15 years ago, Boppa and Dee (his longtime girlfriend) became snowbirds, moving their lives down to sunny Arizona. Sadly, this meant less time with them both, but I think they enjoyed their consistently warm afternoon toddy breaks on the golf course.

I'll forever cherish the memories I have with my Boppa. The many trips to the Bellingham Golf & Country Club, charging any and every snack to his account, 007 (or double 'o' seven as we said it - we loved the James Bond-ness of his account!). He had such a distinguishable high-pitched chuckle, "hee heee." He was also a good story teller - I remember the hours passing by quickly when we sat on our deck during his visits. And to be honest, Boppa may be the reason I got good grades - he'd give me money for A's only. Needless to say, this gave me some great motivation and I cashed in each semester :)

WARNING: Nudity to follow, but it's under 2 years old so it technically doesn't count - I just couldn't help including this photo of us. That smile is just so Boppa! (And more evidence of how amazingly pale I am. You're welcome.)


  1. I'm so sorry to read this Erika :( Very sweet post though.

  2. A true patriot from the Greatest Generation.


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