Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pub Squat, part deux

I pretty much said it all in part one, but our pub crawl mission to Fremont breweries and distilleries ended up with stops at 9 Million and Norm's. Nothing beats impromptu brews and burgers on a Sunday afternoon (turned late night), especially when you meet new friends in the process!

After many hours of Fact or Crap (game at 9 million), witty banter, Golden Globe viewing, cheersing and dancing on tables (ok, not really, but it's funny to picture Barry doing it), we weren't done, so we ventured to Autumn and Ryan's for some hot buttered rum around their fireplace. While I tried my hardest to ignore my yawns as queues to leave, the night had to end eventually. But I'm ready for the next squat! Here's an idea, maybe we can even crawl to a few other places next time? Well, maybe.

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