Friday, January 13, 2012


What a week! Busy, busy, busy. But you know what? It makes long weekends that much better. And any long weekend that is expected to deliver the first SNOWFALL of the season has to be good. On my agenda: dinner with my parents, a snowy Green Lake walk (crossing fingers!), cocktails at the Space Needle (!!) and possibly a little work (hopefully not too much). In other news...

Last night, we celebrated Joe's dad's (Joe, the 2nd) birthday with a mile high mud pie and bread pudding from The Ram. Despite his resistance to celebrating, I think it was a lovely night. (Lilian, I'm resisting in posting the picture per your advice... though I know he'll make it on thee ol' blog eventually!)

This list of Seattle's best burgers is missing two very delicious options: Red Mill and Lunchbox Laboratories. Am I right or am I right? UPDATE: I stand corrected. I guess they both did make the list (amen!), but I was drooling over the few pictures too much to see the "click here for the list" link. Now I want a burger.

Is it weird that I want to see this movie? Maybe it will balance out the ebby jeebies I get from this movie.

Fun idea! I think I like the s'mores one best.

Do you like this bag better or as much as this one?

Have a wonderfully AWESOME weekend!



  1. But Petes, Red Mill did make the burger list! It's just in categories. I think I should have made a list...

    And yes, I love that bag. Super cute.

  2. Oh, and so did Lunchbox Laboratories :)

  3. So fun to get snow in winter!--sadly in LA that is not an option. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    xx,alisia e

  4. I love Beauty and the Beast, I am totally going to go see it in 3D!!

    The Urban Umbrella

  5. If you do head to Greenlake call me!! Otherwise I'll see you soon for dinner! :)


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