Thursday, January 26, 2012

Zebra Stripes

There once was this girl named Autumn. She was an adventurous soul. So for high school graduation, her dad decided to take her on a safari in Africa. Since her father was an avid hunter with deer and elk mounts covering the walls of their home (which stare you down when sleeping at their home!), their safari was a bit different than some - they carried guns.

For everyone's sake, let's fast forward a bit. Autumn's prized zebra rug! It's style, accomplishment and pure awesome all-in-one. And after a little searching, I'm sold on the versatility. Don't you agree? (I like the first picture best!) Well, I guess I gotta go on an African safari now! Or I suppose I could go the easier route and buy this one? Nah, safari wins. Who wants to come?

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  1. AW :) I love Ziggy the Zebra Rug, glad you do too!

  2. That is an awesome zebra rug. We have a bear rug that is much more fluffy but I like the style of that one.

  3. I like the style of a zebra rug, but my heart hurts to think of going to Africa and killing an animal for one :( just couldn't do it!

  4. Don't worry - I'm not really going to Africa :) And this zebra fed many people in Africa!


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