Sunday, January 8, 2012

NYE: Instagram

New Year's Eve through Instagram. Gosh, I love that app. But even more, I love reminiscing the night. Hope you like it too because it's not quite over!

Noisemakers and sequins to bring in the new year.

The night was complete when Karen came as the ball droooooppppppped.

Just some more sassy dazzle.

¡Ay caramba, Ryan!

What does that taste like?

Nothing says 2012 like sparklers.

Decorations make every party 12x better, especially when they are 75% off. (Nice find, Autumn.)

Perhaps the best "decorations" of the night. The headbands Maddie made for the ladies! (Idea spurred by Oh Happy Day.)

Cocktails are not complete without sparkly swizzle sticks, right?

So festive!

And for good measure, Mads.


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