Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seattle and Snow

If you haven't already watched the Seattle snow parody videos, then you're missing out. They are hilarious! I never really comment on YouTube videos, but I couldn't help myself because I felt like there were some major omissions in their first two videos. So here's my comment verbatim (as you can see as the current top rated comment here!):

"Seattle just isn't prepared for this. We only have like 15 snowplows for the ENTIRE city."

"We just don't have enough de-icer."

"Remember that one year when we were being so eco-friendly and wouldn't use salt on the roads? We need to protect our fish."

"Why does the Metro bus always have chains on 24 hours before the snow starts?"

"I just keep drinking coffee to keep my hands warm."

"Should I leave a note? It was just a baby tap on their bumper... Uh, damn guilty conscience."

Well, today they posted a third installment - using many of my ideas! Watch to see just how many they used :)


  1. That was funny. I love Seattle. That's where my husband proposed. It was at Hotel Monaco. Ugh such beautiful memories. It was on our third trip there. I would love to live in Washington.

  2. haha that video was so funny! just wrote you and Jessie back about rescheduling! :)


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