Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An area for improvement

Years ago, I bought an area rug. Wait, let me clarify, a WHITE area rug. Big mistake. Big. HUGE! (Name that movie quote?) At any rate, I feel that I have kept it relatively white, but there's no getting around constant, day-after-day foot traffic. And since most of my place is hardwoods, I don't ask people to take their shoes off because it's just a little cold on the toesies.

So I'm on the market for a new area rug. Since decoration decisions are now up to two people, we both have our own thoughts and opinions. I like rugs that are simple, and more on the contemporary side. He nixed ostentatious patterns or anything that closely resembles solid white - with good reason.

We like a few West Elm finds. The last two appear lighter than in person, but also have camouflaging colors that would likely hide some of the little flecks of dirt we might track in. All three were on display and seemed to hold up to all of the store foot traffic quite well, so that's a plus. But we're leaning toward the navy one up top.

What do you think - which do you prefer? Or are there other rug ideas you wanna toss my way? I'm open to more suggestions!

P.S. My parents have been so gracious to give us their navy couch! They are going to get a new one and I have always loved the one they have. Thanks, Mom and Dad!


  1. i love that pillow with the multicolor polka dots...inspiration!

  2. Pretty Woman ;) (if i got that wrong ignore the winky face to save me the embarrassment)

    I have a white rug in my living room.. it is the most beautiful thing to have ever ruined my home decor.. it's so hard to keep it clean!

  3. Totally right! Love that movie.

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one with issues with a white rug!


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