Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Even though it was Brette's 14th time to Gettysburg, she still happily took us up to the small town in Pennsylvania. (She can't get enough of it and I don't blame her!) It embodies such a historical moment in America's history, and a good reminder of how far we've come in 150 years, yet how far we still have to go. Reading history or watching films about it pales in comparison to actually being on the battlefield. The exact place where brothers, fathers and sons fought each other. I know it may sound dorky, but it was incredible. Thanks for taking us, Brette!

Sunset over the battlefield.

The ladies at sunset atop the Pennsylvania Monument.

Karen and Daniel.

Abe is the man. Seriously, he had to deal with probably the most challenging situation in America's history - saving the Union after a long, hard civil war. (Random fun fact: Abe refused to acknowledge that states had succeeded from the Union and kept each state star on the flag throughout the entire war!)

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  1. My little girl is just like her dad, loves history and museums. I need to go east to see some of the history of this fine country.


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