Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cupcake Showdown

Cupcakes are a hot topic among those who spend a significant amount of time in Georgetown. There is a heated debate about which local cupcake shop does it best: Baked and Wired, Georgetown Cupcakes or Sprinkles? It almost become part of my go-to conversation with colleagues while in DC: "Ok, so this is your office, you work mostly on these accounts, but most importantly, what is your fave cupcake shop?" In my informal poll, Baked and Wired quickly rose to the top. So naturally, I had to hit up as many as I could get to, which was only two in the end. But here are my takeaways:

First up: Baked and Wired. Olita and I shared the Tessita (some concoction of chocolate, hazelnut and caramel) and the Strawberry cupcakes. You can tell they definitely focus on making their cake the main attraction. Plus, the sheer size of their cupcakes - we're talking about 1.5 times the size of a normal cupcake! They were definitely good, but to be honest, not my favorite.

Next up: Georgetown Cupcakes, the shop of the hit TLC show DC Cupcakes. Karen, Daniel and I picked up a half dozen to bring out to Virginia for our hosts, Brette and Wiley. They are a little more petite, which allows you to try more flavors. While we didn't get around to eating them until a day and a half later (and after 1am), I still think they were better. I prefer their simplicity and frosting-to-cake ratio best.

But I admit, my heart is still with Trophy Cupcakes, here in Seattle. I will never stop thinking about their s'more cupcake. It's divine.

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  1. When you come home lets make cake pops... I love them!


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