Monday, March 19, 2012

Wine Not?

With only a few short weeks before my Living Social coupon expired, Joe and I headed up to Woodinville for a wine tasting at Robert Ramsay Cellars. The deal included a full flight of tasting for two, chocolate and cheese pairings, and a bottle of wine - all for $18! Pretty sweet deal for a fun, kick-back date if you ask me.

We also strolled into Page Cellars for a quick tasting. If it hadn't been closing time for most of the tasting rooms, I think we would have tried a few more. I knew there were a lot of wineries in this neck of the woods, but I had no idea there were over 50! And that many of them operate within walking distance of one another. Anyone thinking what I'm thinking? FIELD TRIP! Who's in?

P.S. Wine Not? will still be the name of my future wine shop.
P.P.S. Do you think wine tasting in Woodinville counts as a new region for 30 before Thirty list?

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