Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some things just never change.

We had our annual girl's night out this past weekend - it was absolutely, positively amazing. I'm proud to share that we got the party started on the dance floor - there was not a single soul getting their grove on until we broke the ice. Whether it was us or the song "Call Me Maybe", people were soon flooding the dance floor.

But this year, we realized that some things never change for girl's night...

The Frontier Room in Belltown still has great dancing for girl's night. 
Jenny still has long, long hair. 
Autumn (Amy) still has bangs. 
I still like the same dress
I still go by Heidi when odd people ask my name. (Along with my ladies of the evening, Amy, Jenny, Katie, Chrissy and Vivian)  

But most importantly, creepers gonna creep. Remember the creepers from 2010? Well, let's just say they were at it again, two years later. I should note: they aren't together, just the same two guys oogling young girls on the dance floor. And we felt the need to secretly take photographic proof. Thank you Jenny for being my guinea pig, so it was at least a little less obvious.

So enjoy the 2010 vs. 2012 evidence.
2010: Old man with shades so he sneakily stare. You can't trick us though; we knew what he was up to.
2012: Old man ditched the glasses and now just stares with no inhibition.
2010: The expression never changes.
2012: See? The expression remains constant. Please excuse the blur -
there is only so many times you can take a photo without getting noticed.

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