Monday, November 30, 2009

The Anti-Grinch

It's not even December and I'm already gung-ho ho HOLIDAY! (I realize that didn't make sense, but I think it appropriately expresses my excitement for the Christmas season!)

As I type, I'm breathing in the sweet, sweet smell of my Christmas tree and watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I feel like I should go make some hot cocoa for the complete experience!
Get excited for the seasonal posts to come! (And don't worry, Holden and Jessie, I'll honor Hanukkah for you. I must admit, I get a little jealous that you have eight nights of celebrating and you get to play cool games like Dreidel.)

Tronics and I went ornament shopping awhile ago and we couldn't resist a photo-opp with these awesome hats.

Here's my lovely tree, all decorated with ornaments from my childhood. I love it!

(I know you're dying to know, so yes, those are Barbie ornaments. I got one every year from my grandma without fail. I have quite the collection. Try not to get too jealous.)


  1. Yay!! I've got the Christmas music going at work!

  2. Your tree is SO cute! I love it! It is the perfect size. I am extremely jealous of the barbie ornaments.


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