Thursday, November 12, 2009

Showing my wall some love

Maddie likes to keep a steady presence on my Facebook wall. (It's actually listed as one of her interests on Facebook.) She usually does a rather good job, but she's been slacking lately. Today she gave my wall some love.

It inspired me to look at our wall-to-wall posts which then made me laugh quite a bit. Here are some good ones from her - some might not make sense to you because many involve a story behind them that I am more than happy to share.
  • Since you've ignored my text, call, and messenger pigeon, I decided to contact you via facebook. After that I'm going to fax you. Cool?
  • I miss your voice, and your smile, and the way you tip your head the way that you do.
  • The Blue Moon bottle called, it wants its maggots back.
  • My favorite part is that it is the same song every time, yet every time you say "Wait, is this easy e TOO?"
  • So, I found this facebook application you should add. It's called "Make a Baby" Here's the description:Make babies with your friends! Fill in your skin color, eye color, etc. and see if your baby gets those looks. You can also make a baby alone or adopt someone else's. Add a baby to your profile and let your friends hug, cuddle and scold it. That creeps me out.
  • Strangers in the night....doobeedoobeedoo
  • he must be a south pole elf.
  • I miss you already. Like a child misses their blanket.
  • I promise never to say "Oh heeeeey" on a date...again.
  • Remember when autumn made that album titled "The Loves of My Life?" Man she is soooo creepy. (Note: Please check out this album and be sure to read the captions.)
  • It's that time of year again...time for incessant Elf quotes... It lasts until March apparently.

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