Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lessons Learned this Halloween

  1. Cut armholes if your costume involves wearing a box. (Pictures to come. I just left my camera at Holden's. And I think I also left my cupcake carrier.)
  2. Appletinis + white rug = art?
  3. I need more martini glasses. It's just not right to serve fun, festive cocktails in Guinness glasses.
  4. If your creepcakes don't turn out like the pictures, remedy the situation with candy decorations that Straube once used for her cupcakes. Instant success.
  5. The day after Halloween is the best day to be on Facebook. So many great pictures to browse!
  6. Allow for at least 5 minutes to listen to Ugly Betty's voicemail. Betty has a new found appreciation for women who wear high heels and thinks that just about everything is ammmmmaaaaazzzzzing.
  7. Thank you daylight savings for giving me an extra hour of much-needed sleep.

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