Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh, good ol' Chuckanut Drive

One of the most beautiful, scenic drives you'll ever take - one that I took for granted while growing up across the water:

It twists and turns like there's no tomorrow.
The road is so narrow that I feared for my life when I first started driving and had to drive in the cliffside lane.
You have to take in the beautiful views, stop at the viewpoints along the way
and most of all, steer clear of all the bicyclists!
(seriously, not the safest place to bike.)

They've recently had some problems.
Huge boulders coming down the hillside.
Now that would be a scary sight.
Hopefully they'll be able to secure the hillside! How sad would it be if they shut down Chuckanut Drive?!
Here's the state it's in right now. Crazy, huh?

The upside - they found this really cool fossil that's been hidden away on the hillside!


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