Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Swanky swank

Last Saturday, I went to Christina and Andy's engagement party. Let me tell you - it was swanky! It was at Andy's uncle's condo on 2nd with a perfect view of this. Simply amazing! (We all offered to housesit when they have to leave town next.) We got to dress up in pretty dresses, drink fun cocktails and eat incredibly tasty hors d'oeuvres.

(I really think we should make cocktail parties happen more often, just don't let me bartend. We all know what happens when Petes bartends and it means there is never an empty glass which in turn means that people don't feel so hot the next day.)

Without any planning, there was a theme among the GMMBers. With the exception of Andy (co-worker, not her fiance), everyone wore some shade of red with black. As seen above, Kathryn and I were opposites... and we even arrived together, so people totally thought it was planned.

Some lovely ladies: Kathryn, Christina (bride), myself and Olita

Chattin' around the tasty treats.
(I tried to make this hairdo work,
but I think it needs some adjustments for next time.)

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