Monday, November 30, 2009

Isn't he adorable?

My nephew is growing up.
He used to hug and kiss me freely,
but now I have to fight for it.
I guess that's what happens at 7 years old.

(also, we wear the same shoe size
and I can wear his jeans comfortably.
Reminder: He's 7. He's gonna be HUGE!)

Here's photographic evidence of how hard it is now to snag a kiss from the kiddo.

I can just hear him say "girls have cooties."


Now he officially has cooties.
(What are cooties anyway?)

This is unrelated to my kiss mission, but I think it's absolutely adorable how much he idolizes his grandpa. Look at the way he's looking at his Grandpa Pete!

(I, on the other hand, am too preoccupied watching the Husky game...)

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