Friday, November 13, 2009


I swerved off the road and nearly killed my passengers to insist that one of them snag a shot of this lovely pub somewhere outside of Carnation when we went on our pumpkin patch adventure. Anyone want to check it out with me?

What does your weekend look like?

My weekend looks as such:
Starting out with a little of this.
Then I'm going to run a little of this.
Maybe take a little nap.
Then I get to wear a pretty cocktail dress for an engagement party.
After which I hope to go to the Waterwheel - Kimbie said Ben is coming to visit!
On Sunday, I'm hopefully going for a run with Autumn and Maddie again. (We did a 4-miler last night and thought we had only run like 2 miles. It felt good!)
Maybe run a few errands and a little of this.
Then I have a cardinal cabinet director's training.

Full weekend ahead, but definitely room for this, this and maybe even this*.

*one can only hope to meet a fella as cute as this one.

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  1. Did you know Mr. Gyllenhaal has a new movie he's working on? He looks quite hot in it!!
    Its called Prince of Persia. Google it and look at all the pics :) You won't be sorry.


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