Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Thanksgiving Eve Tradition

That I may be outgrowing.

The evening before Thanksgiving, the Longhorn Saloon is packed full of Burlington-Edison, Sedro Woolley an
d even Mount Vernon High School alumni. When I say packed, I mean it's so packed you're forced to be smelling the cologne or perfume of the person next to you.

This year, I'm afraid to admit it, I think I might be too old for the tradition; after all, it is my 6th year. There were people there that I probably used to babysit! I won't put my foot in my mouth and say I'll never go again because it was really nice to see Jake, Sarah, Steven, Jeff, etc... but I may suggest we do a trip to the Longhorn the day after Thanksgiving.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Eve and are preparing for a family, food, and fun-filled Thanksgiving Day!

(Sidenote: I really wonder how Mr. Shaun Knutzen is feeling today...)


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