Monday, November 9, 2009


Is it bad that it's only Monday and I'm already wanting a drink? It's just crazy in the office lately! Maybe a bucket from The Rock, a pizza place that Sarah introduced Steph and I to awhile back? It's quite good.

They actually limit you to two buckets per visit (due to the high potency!!). To which Sarah suggested we just move from the dining area to the bar and get a new waiter - that way no one would know you're ordering bucket #3! When did she become so sneaky?

However, we opted to go back to her place and play Wii Fit until the crack of dawn. Now I'm craving, 1. another girl's night and 2. hula hoop on Wii Fit (if people could see inside the windows, we looked a little like this. You feel incredibly silly.)

But, let's make this happen again.


  1. I LOVE hula hoop on the Wii Fit! I play it all the time. Such a good work out. Although there are some pretty big windows in my living room. I am sure people get a kick at of me as they drive by.
    PS Is this bucket as good as the Diver??

  2. I would love to drive past your place - it would probably make me giggle.

    Umm, nothing is stronger than the Diver. That drink is insane and they should limit 1 Diver per 3 people. Seriously.


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