Monday, March 1, 2010

Baking Day

To celebrate a successful 6-miler yesterday, I decided to celebrate by recreating Baking Day!

Awhile ago, Stephers and I had a little baking day where we chose two recipes and had at it. Last time we made coconut macaroons and s'more crisps - both were a hit in our respective offices! This time we opted for streusel cupcakes and heavenly hash.

Despite some uncertainties in the process (umm, this looks nothing like the photo - did we do something wrong?!), they actually turned out quite good. Results indicate another smash hit! I'm thinking there might be a second career here.

And yes, we staged the last two photos for my blog. It was fun. Don't judge us. (But if you do, I don't blame you) Photo credit goes out to Miss Stephanie.

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