Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday,

Last night, Steph and I headed to the Crocodile to celebrate the 1st birthday (or anniversary, take your pic) of the It was sad to see the print edition go, but I'm happy that they are thriving as a dot com! The first major daily to make the transition to online-only and I can only imagine they will be used as a model since daily newspapers are struggling to survive. Go PI!

As a reader blogger, I got some VIP (Very Intelligencer Person) perks. Free Via Tribunalli pizza. Free drinks. Free Cupcake Royale cupcakes. Free fun!

Not only that, I got CALLED OUT in the welcome speech by the executive producer. Of the 200 contributing reader bloggers, she called out 2 of us. Two! She thanked me for sharing the benefits of beer for runners. Now I will be known as the girl that drinks and runs. Hey, I guess it's better than being known as the girl that drinks and is a couch potato, right?

Here's Globie and me. From the lipstick stains, you can tell he was quite the ladies man last night.

P.S. Hi Kathi! I hear you're reading my blog these days :)

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