Thursday, March 11, 2010

Long-term To-Buy List

  1. New, fancier bike. Like this maybe. Or just steal Kathryn's.

  2. SLR camera. Or just steal Kathryn's.

  3. Garmin watch. Too bad Kathryn doesn't have one I can steal.

  4. New snowboarding gear.

  5. iPhone. Kathryn, you should buy one so I can steal it.

  6. A house. A pretty one, too. Like the one below right up the road from my place.

  7. My own getaway island.

That's all for now. It's just a glimpse, but makes me want to start chumming with this guy. Or maybe I should move on to mi amigo, Carlos.

Isn't this house adorable? They were working in their garage the other day when I was running by and I almost stopped by to tell them how much I wanted it. Maybe they'd cut me a deal. I'd offer everything in my savings account, plus some girl scout cookies. No one can refuse girl scout cookies.


  1. You can borrow my camera and bike, if I can room with you in that adorable house! I don't think Pat would mind. And if he does, he can buy me an iPhone to win me back.

  2. Is that a house in W.Seattle?! If so, I have been eye that one on redfin! (I love to browse their site just for fun - and up my budget to $1 million - haha!)

  3. It's actually right up the road from my place - Ballard/Fremont. But I'm totally with you on the RedFin searching. It's addicting!


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