Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When is my next vacation?

Vancouver was fantastic. Relaxing. Fun. Just good times exploring the city and chillin' with Joe. However, now the only thing on my mind is "when is my next vacation?" and "can it please be longer?"

My answers: Soon and fo shizzle. Like a full week long.

Vancouver decided that it wanted to welcome us with a heavy dose of rain. As Seattlites, we came prepared with raincoats and umbrellas. Therefore, many of our pictures are 1) in raincoats and 2) self portraits because very few people were around. But here's a sampling:

Stanley Park. Rain schmain.

Canadians sure like to carve wood, eh?

Olympic torches. (I should photoshop the flames in...)

We went to a nice Italian restaurant, then got fun cocktails at the hotel bar. (My drink recipe to follow - it was delish) I got to wear my fun dress, but this is the best picture I got of it. Yes, it's the same dress I wore on New Years, but worn in a different way. Best. dress. EVER.

If you squint, you can see the Olympic rings in the background. (Above and slightly to the right of my head.) If you squint a little more, you can see a lady tanning topless on her boat.

(just kidding, there's no topless lady, but I totally had you, eh?)

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