Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Best Reader Comments

People who comment on the PI blog are funny. That, or well, creepy. Here's a few of my favorites with a little context of what my post was actually about...

Posted about how running in the dark scares me. Fave comment:
"Being a full time creeper I'm not in favor of publicly lit paths or streets. How am I supposed to stay hidden in the bushes with all this light."

Posted about signing up for the full marathon - I thought it was so sweet and weird at the same time:
"I salute you Erika. You're a true inspiration to men and women all over this beautiful land."

Posted about the Winter Pineapple Classic with a link to some photos from race day: (Holden, was this you? Mr. Unregistered User.)
"Nice work! Congrats on the quick time! Your friend is very attractive!!"

Posted about loving my sports bra (so I guess I like to talk about sports bras):
"I have switched my sports-bra allegiance to lululemon's "Ta-ta Tamer" (my husband cracks up whenever I say that)..."


"Halleluiah sister. I LOVE Title 9. I use to wear 2 sports bras on top of each other and had bruises on my chin before I found them. They also have a stellar customer service team."

Posted about fave pre-run snack. This person knows what they're talking about:

Posted about the hilly Leavenworth Oktoberfest half marathon:
"If there is beer, then the hills are far easier." True dat.

Ok, now all this running talk (A little excessive lately? I know) makes me want to go get some pizza. Like this. Yummm, pepperoni.


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