Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Guns not allowed

Last weekend, we went to Northwest Trek for a little birthday party. Why did I never think about going to a zoo-type place for my birthday? It's so cool!

As you can see, I thought it was REALLY cool and took like 57 pictures of animals and NO pictures of people. Well done, Erika - because you know that in like 10 years when you look back on these pictures, you're going to be... simply... amazed, right? Oh well, next time.

But here's a little of what we saw. First up, a limb-gnawing wolf. And I got so close. I should have been wearing my "No Fear" t-shirt. (Don't tell me you didn't have one of your own.)

Like two peas in a pod. But actually two owls in a tree. Hoot hoot.

He was thinking, "Damn Gina! Give me some cookies!" Or maybe, "I want to eat you."

I texted my dad a picture of these elk with a message, "I should have brought my gun!" And he responded, "At that distance, a rock would do!" Then I threw a rock and got kicked out. Thanks for the advice, Dad!
(ok, not really, but then I found $20.)

Moose crossing. She's thinking, "So your favorite ice cream is Moose Tracks? I bet I can change your mind."

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