Thursday, March 25, 2010

My new best friend

Meet my new best friend. I took her on my long run last weekend and she was by my side the whole time. I know she's called "Nathan Trail Mix", but I think she's more like a girl. Very dependable, fashionable (orange is the new black, don't you know?), practical, sensitive, adapts to new situations, etc.

She's almost like Mary Poppins' purse - everything you need can fit. Water, yes x2. Gu chomps, yes. Bandaids for blisters, yes. Kleenex for runny nose, yes. iPod, yes. Extra bobby pins for stray hairs that won't get out of your face, yes. Lip balm, yes. What else do you need?

Thanks for letting me borrow your best friend, Olita!


  1. Absolutely! She was just collecting dust in my closet. She already likes you more.

  2. So funny you should say it looks more like a girl! I was shopping for one at REI this past weekend and pointed out to my friend that the one you have looks like a uterus and a set of ovaries :X I ended up getting this one: Good luck on your running - glad to see you picked it up!


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