Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthday Picnic Brunch

To celebrate Stephanie's big 2-7, she planned a ladies-only picnic brunch. The idea was to head down to the lake to enjoy the sun and beautiful view, but when we were met with a Sunday morning drizzle, we quickly opted for plan B: Indoor birthday picnic. And you know what? It was probably just as lovely!

The birthday girl made a delicious bacon and spinach quiche and salad, I made white wine marinated strawberries and others brought fruit and bellini-fixins' for some toasting. To top it off, we had delicious Trophy Cupcakes! (Stephanie even planned a cupcake pick-up on they day they offer the s'more cupcake that I've been wanting to try forever - isn't she a sweet birthday girl?!) It was a perfect little celebration. Stephers, hope your birthday was everything you hoped and more. (I have a funny feeling it was!) Love ya!

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