Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Drunk Berries

Per the birthday girl's request, I made white wine marinated strawberries for brunch a few weeks ago. It's an extremely simple 3-ingredient recipe, so I figured it would be hard to go wrong. (Except for when the bowl tips over in your reusable grocery bag and spills a little pinkish-colored wine on the birthday girl's kitchen floor!) Boy, they were good! It's like you're eating sweet, sweet strawberries with a little kick in the pants. If it weren't 11am, I might have poured the remaining few berries and white wine into a wine glass and kicked my feet up on a deck somewhere. But I let Stephers take care of that because it was her birthday and all. (Just kidding. She didn't. Well, not that I know of?)

Please excuse the blurry picture. It's hard to pour and take a photo at the same time. As you can see, I came very close to the edge of the bowl. And no, I did not sample the wine beforehand. Ok, maybe one sip. Or five bottles*? I don't know, I lose track of these things.

White Wine-Marinated Strawberries

2 pounds Fresh Strawberries, Stemmed And Sliced Thick
¾ cups Granulated Sugar
1-½ cup Fruity White Wine, Such As Reisling

Mix strawberries, sugar, and wine in a medium bowl until sugar dissolves. Let stand 30 minutes up to 3 hours. (Sample before taking them to your party and do a little "these are good!" dance) Serve.

*Not really. Sometimes I fear that people take me seriously. The interwebs doesn't express sarcasm well. There needs to be a sarcasm font, you know?

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