Monday, August 1, 2011

They call them a six, but I'd call them a ten

Get it, Asics? A six? :) But really, my new Asics Gel-3030 running shoes are a 10! (It helps that I got them for 25% off too.)

Nearly two years ago, I bought these new running shoes. I loved them. Fast forward a half marathon, a full marathon, hundreds of training miles and a sprinkle of 5ks, my shoes were on their last leg (and perhaps a little stinky?). Since I was a little out of running shape when we first got back on the training bandwagon, I blamed every bad run on my, well, out-of-running-shapeness.

But now I realize that it may have also been due to the complete lack of support that my shoes had. I felt like every step forward created a jolt of pain in the ball of my foot and heel. While I really want to embrace this minimalist, barefoot running craze that everyone claims to say is "natural and the way humans were built", I think I am a product of evolution and like the support that running shoes provide. Plus, there's nothing natural about the concrete that we all run on anyway.

So, I caved and got a new pair of running shoes this weekend. And now I feel like I'm running on fluffy clouds of cotton candy that are laid upon a giant trampoline, making each stride a giant leap into the next! (That might be stretching it, but they are com-FY!)

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