Sunday, August 21, 2011

Paddleboard Pros

On Sunday, Stephanie and I both were able to check something off our summer to-do list: Paddleboarding. It was a combination of fun and relaxing with a dash of I'll-keep-my-lifevest-on-for-good-measure. This "amazing full body workout" as proclaimed online was not nearly as difficult as we expected. Granted, we were on Green Lake (no wakes) and would paddle out to the middle, sit on our boards to chat, drift a little, repeat - so we weren't exactly pushing ourselves to the limit.

We did, however, try the earthquake test where we shook the board back and forth to see if we can keep our balance AND I attempted a few yoga positions (paddleboarding yoga is a new craze). Were we just trying to fall in, you might ask? Not exactly, but I don't think we'd be too upset if we had since the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS yesterday.

So now we're pretty much professionals. Pretty soon we'll be gracing the covers of Standup Paddle Magazine. And don't be surprised if you see us at the next National Paddleboard Championship Tour! Ok, gotta go sign some autographs now.


  1. Fun! I have never tried it (I'm afraid of boards- surf, snow, or skate) so not sure if I would like it. But these seem a bit more stable than the latter.

    Looks like fun! Thanks for stoppin' by the ole blog!

  2. It was such a gorgeous weekend, perfect time to try it! I've never tried it either, I had an opportunity in Hawaii and now I wish I would have tried it!

  3. We were out at the lake this weekend and some of our friends were doing this. I need to try it, but I will probably fall off after 2 seconds.

  4. I have always wanted to try this... you make it look easy!

    thanks for visiting my blog and entering the giveaway! I love making new blog friends so I am excited to read and get to know all about you! Hope to see you around my blog again!



  5. I have ALWAYS wanted to try this.. however living in Jersey, places to try it out are not really that widespread (and I think I would be able to accomplish paddleboard yoga, never). It looks like so much fun - and you're such a pro!
    Loving your blog, dear.


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