Tuesday, August 2, 2011

High Tea

As a (very belated) Christmas present, my Mom and I took my Grandma Toni out to High Tea at Queen Mary Tea. It is quite possibly the most girly, quaint, fun outing in Seattle. (I highly suggest you take your mother or grandmother if you can.) We opted for the Royal Afternoon Tea, which included fancy champagne cocktails - because why not go big? The experience comes with so many delectable treats, including sorbet, scones, miniature quiches, zucchini bread, chocolate cake, fruit and more! We couldn't even finish it all (and Joe quickly learned through leftovers that he might actually like high tea!). For tea, I went out on a limb and chose Strawberry Pepper and it was a perfect blend of sweet and spicy - not like anything I've tried before.

We all had such a good time, we didn't want it to end. I guess we better look for another date on the calendar for round two! Thanks for coming all the way down to visit - love you both!

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