Monday, August 29, 2011


Our weekend away in San Francisco was just spectacular. We did what we set out to do: 1) spend some QT with Kimber (who we all miss dearly) and 2) eat a lot of good food. We might consider dubbing this trip "Eatfest 2K11". San Francisco is filled with the most amazing bakeries, brunch spots, taquerias and ice cream shops. After this weekend, I'm now on the market for some elastic-waisted pants!

(KarKar, you're next! Greenville is calling my name and we know you don't have a lot of time left. Still keeping my eyes open for cheap plane tix!)


  1. thank God for elastic waisted and also wrap skirts! after our weekend of indulgence I'm going to be wearing mine a lot. :)

    Miss you already - thank you so much for the lovely visit!

  2. I love San Fran - and the two of you are dressed impeccably! Glad that you had such a great visit :)


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