Monday, May 11, 2009

Aren't nicknames funny?

Seriously, nicknames are pretty much saying that your real name is too long (and someone doesn’t want to take the effort to say your whoooolllle name) or it’s just too boring. Some of my favorite nicknames are: Tronics, Bottom, Gilder, Crandallicious, Kimbie, Nickybutt (Nick cannot be uttered without the addition of butt; it’s literally impossible), Chanimal, Straubs and Donkey-anna… the last one isn’t really a nickname we use for our friend, but she shared it with us one time and it makes me laugh.

Here’s a sampling of my nicknames through the years.

Herka/Herk/Herka Lynn/Herkimer Jones: Probably my most long-lasting nickname that is still commonly used by family and friends. This one originated from my friend’s little brother who couldn’t say my name when he was a toddler (side note: now he’s getting married and that makes me feel old). Our families would go camping together and in the morning, he would run out of the camper, buck-naked yelling, “HERKA!! Where are you, Herka?!” And it stuck. As you can see, many variations have since come to be; my favorite being Herkimer Jones. This nickname is seriously so well-known, in fact, that my old elementary school secretary made her husband turn around on their road trip so she could take a picture of a road sign that read: Herkimer Road.

Peter: My friend Josh calls me Peter. It’s like he wishes I was a guy or something. Hmmm, that’s an interesting thought…

Petes/Petes McGee/McGee: It’s obvious how Petes came to be – because Peterson is too much of a mouthful, right? This was the brainchild of my friend, Maddie. (Well, I had a couple friends in middle school call me Pete at times) It started as a simple Petes and then one day McGee was mysteriously added. Apparently she liked the way it sounded, so she often times drops the Petes making me plain ol’ McGee. One time I threw out McGoo for her, just to try it on for size and it totally didn’t work – I couldn’t pull it off. I guess I’ll stick with Tronics.

Heidi: When I’m out and don’t want to give my real name to a guy, then he gets to meet Heidi. And, it instantly lets my friends know that I’m not interested and need to be bailed out of the situation. However, I should note that I often screw up this fake name game. Jenny is really good at it. One time I even gave my friend’s name and she gave me the stink eye. What can I say? I’m really bad a lying.

Gorgeous: This is the nickname I often call myself. I find that saying it five times out loud to my reflection in the mirror every morning makes my day bearable. (Ok, not really, but I should consider this…)

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