Sunday, May 10, 2009

Welcome to Pete's Speaks

I honestly think that I am going to regret the name of my blog, but after thinking through my options and enlisting the help of a rather witty friend, this is what it was come to. I mean it's no Maddie Libs or Cupcakes and Cashmere, but it is what it is: Petes (me) Speaks (or actually types).

Here were some of the other options that were thrown out there:
Peter Spam
God Bless amErika
amErika the beautiful
I'm proud to be an amErikan
Meet Petes

My friend was really diggin' the play on America/AmErika. However, I decided to leave that in my past since it may or may not have been included in my campaign slogan when I ran for ASB President in 8th grade. Who would have known that more than 10 years later I would be the person behind slogans like these? While I can't say that I contributed in any part to the "Hope" phenomenon of Obama's campaign, I did have something to do with the No Stank You campaign at times. Drawing from both my own "street" vocabulary and fully utilizing, I cranked out some sick lingo, yo. (I've adopted the idea that adding "yo" to the end of any sentence makes it cool, yo.)

Well, didn't take me too long to go astray in this post, but maybe it's a sign of good things to come. My gift for sometimes rambling on and on will finally serve a purpose.

Welcome to Pete's Speaks!

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