Thursday, May 28, 2009

No habla espanol

At about 10:11pm last night, I started receiving some Spanish text messages. Obviously, they had the wrong number since I speak minimal Spanish (even though I took two years in high school and two quarters in college; I just didn't retain much. I guess watching Tarzan in Spanish every other class period didn't actually help us learn. Hmm, odd). Anyway, I didn't respond because I was in bed... because I'm an old lady and am usually in bed at 10pm.

The first text was: "Gracias por acordarte d mi y llamarme para saber." Eh, I know some of the words individually, but couldn't put a sentence together. Plus, I was trying to sleep and thinking in Spanish wasn't going to help the matter.

Second text about 10 minutes later: "Mandame una senal para saber q estas viva y q todavia existes."

I wasn't sure if this was going to keep going, so I just wrote back: "Yo quiero Taco Bell." I figured it would relay the fact that I don't speak Spanish and they reached the wrong person.

Today I decided to ask Kathryn to translate for me... So the first one says something like: "Thanks for agreeing with me and call me to know." Or something along those lines.

The second one, however, reads something like: "Send me a signal so I know that you are alive."

So that makes my signal, en ingl├ęs (or English for those of you on the same boat as me): I want Taco Bell.

I think I may have started a fight. Oops. I'm sure he/she was looking for a much different signal.

This guy doesn't understand young people and I don't understand Spanish. We have that in common...

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