Thursday, May 14, 2009

Did you know that the major disaster of Michael Jackson in 1984 was that his hair caught on fire?

There’s something about trivia that I just love. It must be my uber-competitive personality, but when I play, I’m in it to win it. I think that would explain my fascination and minor obsession with Jeopardy. I mean, really, I can only answer like 50% of the Jeopardy questions on a good night (well, give questions to the answers to be completely accurate) and we won’t even discuss my off nights. So I’m not well-versed on Russian History in the Stalin Era or Corporate Espionage, can you blame me? But when the Teen Jeopardy Tournament is going on, I feel like a genius!

So last night, I met up with Lizzie, Nick, et al. for a fun game of trivia at the Pied Piper. They are regulars at this trivia night (actually they have come off a 3 week winning streak!!), so I was just getting my feet wet. The system there is pretty cool – so you have 4 rounds of 8 different categories and before each round you pre-score the categories (1-8) and get points on more of a weighted scale based on what you think your strengths are. Thanks to Nick, I think that the “High School Musical” category was a strength of ours and for the record, no, he doesn’t have any young siblings… At trivia, there’s always that one question that comes up and the answer is right there, just not quite right there. It happened again and now I will never forget that the inventor of penicillin was Alexander Fleming. I only know this because I got one of those chain emails about this crazy story of how Fleming was put through school by Winston Churchill’s dad and yaddah, yaddah, yaddah. I just googled it to link it to my blog and found that it was an urban legend, bummer. Nonetheless, I did learn that Fleming invented penicillin.

So the group had 2 teams since there were too many for just 1 team and one of our teams took 2nd! Good, but not good enough. I plan to return until we achieve victory. Better go brush up on my random trivia.

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