Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Biggest Loser + Ice Cream = Fun

Biggest Loser is an excellent show. Plus, it fits into my caliber of TV which is apparently really bad. I have recently decided to embrace the fact that I tend to like bad TV like Gossip Girl, America’s Next Top Model and some seasons of The Bachelor. I used to deny it, but there are only so many excuses you can make for watching a show on a regular basis. Fortunately (although maybe unfortunately), I don’t have cable so I can’t get hooked on those horrible VH1 and MTV shows, just network TV taken out of the airwaves with my sweet, MacGyver style antenna consisting of a coil wire and dismembered hanger. It’s rad.

Back to the subject at hand, Biggest Loser = so good. It’s just so inspiring to see all of these people really change their lives. I mean, $250,000 is a great incentive and all, but more than anything, they are happy to finally be healthy and enjoy life! I’ll spare you the details of how the show works because I would recommend that you watch it yourself for the full season, but these morbidly obese people go from ginormous to fit! Some of the contestants ran a full marathon and are doing Iron Mans; some even have an entire career shift and become personal trainers and whatnot. All along the way, they have to deal with issues that made them that big – which, I’ll admit, sometimes are tear-jerkers and I’m not even that much of a crier. (Side note: I never used to cry in movies or shows, but now, every so often, it kinda feels good to just let it all out.)

This season it boiled down to Tara, Mike and Helen. I was rooting for Tara because she got hot and then for Mike who also got hot (but I feel like a creeper saying that since he’s only 18). They all looked incredible! But Helen ended up winning after losing about 55% of her body weight! That’s more than half of what she started - doesn’t that seem impossible?! I watched it at my coworker’s (Katie) place and we had ice cream with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. There’s nothing better than eating crap food when you watch a weight loss show. I used to think that I should confine myself to salads while watching the show, but then I realize that I don’t need to lose 55% of my body weight. If I did, I would probably be dead or at least in a treatment center.

Here are the finalists today – pretty crazy! I can only upload 5, so you do the searching for Helen's before; I like Tara and Mike better. You’re soooo gonna watch it next season, huh? NBC should pay me for endorsing their show.

(P.S. I'm technically challenged, so I can't seem to upload these pics so they are in before and after order, but you get the point.)

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