Friday, May 29, 2009

Golf (did you know that it's an old acronym for Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden?)

Last night a few of my coworkers and I decided we would enjoy the beautiful, sunny Thursday evening with a nice game of golf at the Greenlake Pitch n' Putt. This course is ideal for me - no holes longer than 115 yards. I'm not much of a golfer... I'm more of a golf carter or putt putt player, so I tried to negotiate with the guys that the ladies would get a two stroke handicap for each hole. That didn't fly. But in the end, I somewhat held my own. Maybe a little practice and I can actually hit par on a hole, maybe.

Some of the highlights:
  • Frances' reaction to every shot she hit. (She and I both had a hard time keeping our vocabularies clean - what are we, sailors?!)
  • My apparent obsession with hitting my ball into trees and/or bushes.
  • Nick getting hit by another golfer on the next fairway over... while trying to hide from getting hit by Frances.
  • Scott's amazing drive that landed seriously, at least three fairways over. And he actually claims that he golfs... I'm suspicious.

After our uber-competitive game, Frances and I owed the guys a drink since we lost, so we all headed to the GBAG (Greenlake Bar & Grill - my former stomping grounds). Turns out, even after two years, I still get an employee discount - sweet! We had some beer, ate some food and merrily chatted. You know, the usual.

This morning, Frances sent around this very informative history of golf clip. (Warning: Contains explicit language. Watch at your own risk.)

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