Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tour de 'Hoods

Yesterday, Tronics and I took on a "Tour de 'Hoods." We made the pilgramage through a ton of Seattle neighborhoods and kicked some steep hill butt in the process. (Actually it pretty much kicked out butts, but that's not nearly as impressive.)

I used Map My Run to put a little run together. So we started at my place which we can classify as Ballard, ran on the Burke-Gilman through Fremont and into South Lake Union. Then, we journeyed up the hill through the U-District and down Ravenna into Greenlake. We did the outside track around the lake until we hit 65th and then died a little inside when we saw the impeding hill before us. We took it on though - with a positive outlook. I'm sure my "running" looked like walking to people passing, but I'd like to see them finishing off a long run on this ginormous hill - bad planning on my part. Along the way, there was this giant dog that barked at us along the way and neither of us were in any condition to take that, so Maddie told it to shut up... in so many words. I was like, "Seriously." So then we crossed through Phinney and down the backside to 3rd which eventually brought us back to my place. The weird thing was that neither of us were that winded after 8 miles of 'hoods.

I did have some Gu before my run, so that may have helped a little, but we totally felt like we could conquer the world. Maddie even said she was going to hit up Things Remembered and get us "Best Friend"-type necklaces, but instead that would have "Bad Asses" on them. Because after our weekend of a 40+ mile bike ride and an 8-mile run, we are bad asses. Details on the bike ride to come, but just know, it was awesome!

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  1. Gu is a total lifesaver in times of desperations!


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