Thursday, May 21, 2009

A cousinly bond

Last night I went to BluWater Bistro in Greenlake for dinner with my cousin, Lynnette and her husband, Paul. So my cousin and I are the same age (only a couple months apart) and have both been living in Seattle for the last 2+ years. She grew up in Seattle, but went to GA for college while I was at UW – so our overlap in the city has been minimal. With that said, we have been in the same city of 2+ years and still don’t see each other often. I think that will change because we found that we have a lot in common! We both like:

Drinking red wine with good company (after dinner we relocated to her apartment for some more wine)
Caprese sandwiches (ordered the same thing, ok, not so novel, but still...)
Watching Biggest Loser and ANTM
Cooking and trying new recipes
Going to sporting events (they have Sounders season tix)
Running around Greenlake
Beanie babies

Ok, so that last thing was a lie, but I felt like this post was getting boring and I wanted to spice it up. You know what else spices boring things up?! Google image searches. Like when I type in “Fun” to Google images, I get this awesome picture. Everyone loves a slinky.

Hmm, I feel like this has inspired a future post.

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