Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Biking for beer

Last weekend, a group of 10 people made the trek to the Redhook Brewery in Woodinville via bike on the Burke Gilman trail - that's like a 40+ mile bike ride round trip! It was a smashing success! I sent out an email earlier in the week to gauge interest and slowly but surely, more and more people were added to the email chain and we had assembled quite the crew. Those who came along were Tronics, Holden, James, Nick, Team Barrows (Chris and Chrissy), JJ, Phil and another Chris.

It was a beautiful ride, but it made me want to get a really nice bike. I was a little shocked at some of the guys' bikes - even though some of them haven't actually been on a bike in like two years, they still had amazing bikes!

When we got there, we sat in the sun and had lunch and some beer. Perfect combination before jumping on your bikes to ride home, huh?

Here are some of the prizes I would give out after the ride:

Most Legit:
Chris Cappello - you just can't downplay your biking skills when you have a full-on tanline where your spandex ends.

Best Sport:
James - even though a spoke broke, he made it through like a champ!

Most Dedicated:
Phil - he rode 20 miles, stayed for like 10 minutes and then had to ride back for a prior commitment. He didn't even get to have a beer!

Best attire:
Nick - there's something very appropriate about wearing a beer bike jersey to a brewery.

Most Heart:
Chris Barrows - well done, my friend. You admit you're not a biker and you're not ashamed to call the parents for a ride home. I love it.

The "Peace Out" Award:
Holden - he straight up flew off when we left and was never seen again.

Best Butt:
Maddie - she had some problems with her seat which resulted in a seat-shaped bruise the next day.

Random guy at the brewery who knew Chris - Picture this: Decent-sized guy walks in with a beer in one hand and baby strapped to his front with a pink blanket draped over it. Then, at the top of this lungs, "What the f*%#, Chris?!" He spotted Chris, his old friend. Can we say ear muffs? Too funny. Later he walked past our table holding the hands of his two other little ones and asked, "Anyone need to go poopy?" Let's not forget about how he was explaining how much his baby... well, poops, to keep it PG.

Here's our crew, minus the two ladies in front - I don't know them, but Chris did.

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