Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend o' Fun

It started off on Friday with a poker night at the 304. There was a lot of trash-talking during the day. First, I sent my “horoscope” that ironically said that I would win at poker this week. (Whoa, how’d the stars know that?!) Holden responded with this “horoscope”:

CANCER (June 22-July 22). You are very handsome....some would say dead sexy. You will play Elisha Cuthbert's husband in the next season of the 24 when she reprises her role as Kim Bauer. This fake romance will eventually blossom into a real romance. You're also a great poker player and despite Erika's (obviously edited) horoscope YOU will actually win tonight.

I told him that the only horoscope I found for him was this one:

CANCER (June 22-July 22). You always aspire to win poker, but it's just not in the stars. Let's face it, you're no Jack Bauer. Try new endeavors like Paint-by-Number, hula hooping, or cross dressing. Also, you still owe your friend dinner. WTF?

This continued for awhile, but in the end, Holden was right. He won. Boo. Good payout too because we had like a dozen people. There went my winning streak. Next time.

So after poker night, Maddie and I were going to go to Nick and Lizzie’s Ski Party. We apparently hyped it up so much that everyone at poker wanted to join. Lizzie said “bring em,” so we rolled in with our entire crew. There were some great hot pink one-piece ski suits and the such. But the best part, hands down, was the “shot skis” (see pic for example, note: I don't know these people, but google images does wonders.). A new experience for Erika, but as James said, it promotes “team bonding.” Ha. Team bonding, very funny. After awhile we all decided to walk to my favorite watering hole, Teddy’s for a friendly (or rather unfriendly) game of ping pong. Not my best night of ping pong, but I blame it on the shot ski.

On Saturday, we were going to go to the Cheese Festival down at Pike Place, but we all slept in so late that by the time we got ourselves together, we decided a nice picnic at Greenlake sounded like more fun. So Maddie, Stephanie, Holden, James and I brought some snackies and board games down to the lake. Yahtzee and a picnic at the lake became a tradition last summer, so we’re continuing it even though I don’t live in the 304. This pic was from last year. So fun.

Then we moved the fun back to the 304 for a BBQ – an addition by JJ. He had to bring something to the table since he had some big roommate shoes to fill…

Then on Sunday, Maddie and I took on Lake Union and then some. I think I ended up running about 8 miles and felt good! So I apparently decided to reward myself and bought some new running gear. There’s something about buying new gear that makes you want to do it even more.

The night ended with a surprise birthday dinner at Cedars for Straubs. Man, that girl is tough to throw a surprise for! She was getting all feisty with her hubby, Matt, and was mad that he wouldn’t let her friends meet them for dinner on her birthday when in actuality, he had already set up for us to be there. Plus, it was the second attempt at a surprise because the Saturday night plans didn't materialize because she told Matt she had other plans. I love it. She’s great.

Overall, great weekend!

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